About Ed Lloyd CPA Firm

About Ed Lloyd & Associates, PLLC

Ed Lloyd & Associates is full-services accounting firm and business development consulting firm in Charlotte, NC and able to work for individual or business whether it is located in Charlotte, NC or anywhere in the United States. As proactive planner, we are specialised in delivering services for business owners and individual and also assisting them with management advice and our professionals analysis your business to provide best accounting & bookkeeping, tax services, financial management and strategic tax planning services to our clients.

Ed Lloyd & associates, PLLC serving services throughout the United States which include services such as:

  • CloudBOSS
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation & IRS Representation
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • QuickBooks Training & Support

Different industries have different needs that to be fulfilled by a CPA firm and Ed Lloyd & Associates specialise in providing services for specialised industries such as :

  • Attorneys/Legal Firm
  • Chiropractors
  • Construction
  • Dentists
  • Physicians
  • Professional Service Businesses
  • Technology Firm

About Ed Lloyd CPA

Ed Lloyd CPA, PFS, CTC is the owner of Ed Lloyd & Associates, PLLC. He is certified as a North Carolina CPA,number 18800. Ed Lloyd CPA is working in this field since 1994, includes over 9 years of experience with local and regional CPA firms and one year with a regional redevelopment and property management firm.

Certified Public Accountant
Personal Financial Specialist
Certified Tax Coach

Ed Lloyd CPA earned a B.S. Degree in Accounting at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and received his CPA license from the North Carolina State Board of Examiners and has since received these distinctions:

Personal Financial Specialist – American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Certified Tax Coach

For consultancy please contact us at (704)544-7600, or visit our website elcpa.com or use our convenient client contact form.

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