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Introduction to CPA Firm-CPA firms offers much more than simple accounting services. A certified public accounting, or CPA, firm in Charlotte must include at least one certified public accountant, licensed in the state where the firm operates. Generally, a CPA firm consists of individuals at various levels in their accounting and business careers.


Ed Lloyd & Associates, PLLC is an active accounting and business development CPA firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina. As proactive planners, we specialize in helping business owners and their managers develop a unique business in Charlotte, NC and throughout the United States. We specialize in managing your business in the proper order. We focus first on proactive planning. This includes an analysis of your tax burden, accounting systems and business performance and suggestions to improve your current situation. We then try to figure out your financial needs, prepare tax projections and tax preparation service.

Things CPA can do for you:

CPA firm in Charlotte-ED Lloyd and associates

Their key aim is to provide professional business advisors and decision makers. They act as consultants and have knowledge about all the topics related to taxes and accounting. A CPA or Certified Public Accountant acts as a trusted financial advisor for individuals, businesses, or organizations helping them to plan and achieve their long-term desired financial goals.

Services offered by CPA firm:

CLOUDBOSS THE LATEST ONLINE PORTAL TO MANAGE YOUR FINANCIAL BUDGETS: CloudBOSS allows you to manage your business with digital dashboard precision on any desktop or mobile device. It’s a secure, cloud-based way to run your small business online with ease. Saves time and money and reduces paperwork.

CPA’S EFFECTIVE AND APPROPRIATE Tax planning: It allows for better control over the amount of income and wealth you can generate.It opens the door to the variety of tax advantages available in our tax code.

CPA’S Accounting And Bookkeeping SERVICES: We can also help with general financial statement generation, cash flow budgeting, forecasting and any other business needs.Whether you require monthly or annual accounting support, our team of experts will work with you to meet up your financial needs and being addressed that your goals are achieved. Basically, it’s a kind of warehouse or database which stores all your daily, weekly or monthly finance related queries.

CPA’S Business Advisory Services include:
Monthly, quarterly or annual business analysis. Monthly, quarterly or annual meetings via video, telephone or in office.KPI and critical driver checks, performance review, General management advice, 1-page business plans, Team analysis, System analysis, Business assessment etc.

QUICKBOOKS TRAINING AND SUPPORT BY CPA’S: These are online E-BOOKS for quick guide and support of your financial needs and requirements. For more information about QuickBooks training, please call 704-544-7600, Email Us or use our quick & convenient Online Form.

The advantage of hiring CPA firm:

  • Pay less tax round the year
  • Reduce your cost of Accounting
  • Promote and highlight your business
  • Fixed price marketing solutions.

CPA Firm: Why go for one?:-

The main reason to hire a CPA firm for your company or organization is their long-term benefits for your business. They help in auditing committees, fighting socially engineered threats, generating service requests and payroll etc.Their chief aim is to provide new ways to plan your revenue during the Recession period and manage it effectively.

What an ideal CPA firm can offer you:

A good CPA Charlotte firm will abide by these ideas. A good CPA firm will take your business plans and report preferences and arrange them into a readable format. For example, if you are not good in tune with 100% of your expenses, a CPA firm might recommend a weekly, monthly, or quarterly cash flow analysis. This is done based on your needs as a business owner.Leading your business means guiding the business for a brighter future. You should be focused on the overall picture, and not be busy with daily duties throughout your departments. It is your responsibility to turn “adequate” into “effective” if you want to achieve sustainable business success. A CPA Firm’s accounting services ensure this effectiveness and give you the time and tools you need to lead your business forward.


Ed Lloyd CPA, PFS, CTC is the president of Ed Lloyd & Associates, PLLC. He is certified as a North Carolina CPA, number 18800(Charlotte). He is an experienced professional since 1994, includes over nine years’ experience with local and regional CPA firms, and one year with a regional redevelopment and property management firm.

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Personal Financial Specialist
  • Certified Tax Coach

Ed Lloyd achieved a B.S. Degree in Accounting at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and received his CPA license from the North Carolina State Board of Examiners and has received these distinctions:

Personal Financial Specialist – American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Certified Tax Coach

ED Lloyd and Associates Contact Information:

Phone: (704) 544-7600

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